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Peace Lutheran Church exists to grow disciples for Jesus

and share Christ with the world


The day of Pentecost celebrates the release of the Holy Spirit. It comes 50 days after Easter, and is celebrated on June 8 this year. It is a tradition in some churches to wear red on that day to acknowledge the fire of the Holy Spirit burning within those first apostles.

On the Sundays following Pentecost, we take a more ‘relaxed’ attitude toward worship. As hot as it is outside as well as under the spotlights up front, our worship leaders will adopt more casual attire until Reformation Sunday. As we in Arizona know so well, it is our heart and not our garments that are at the center of worship.

Click Here to See the 4G Vision for Peace

Click here for the 2013 Annual Report

Preschool Now Registering

Peace Lutheran Preschool has a flexible program selection—to meet your family’s needs! Register children age 2-5 for 2, 3, or 5 days a week—either full day, 7 AM-6 PM; school day, 9 AM-3 PM; or half day, 8 AM-12 PM. Fall classes begin August 18. Call the Preschool office at 623-972-1076 to register.

Men's Group

Every Thursday morning, a group of men meet in the church library to discuss scripture. We start early, at 6 AM! Please join us. No registration required; just drop in.

Find Your Niche in Ministry

Make a Difference! Join a group in our faith community! You can get involved in children’s or youth ministry, our After School Homework Center, Habitat for Humanity, Grace pancake breakfasts for the homeless, Faith House Domestic Violence Shelter, Loaves & Fishes, Café Peace, Peace Coffee House, Apache School Aides, Prayer Chain Ministry, Quilters, and so much more! Contact the Church Office, let us know your particular interests, and we’ll help you find a ministry you can be passionate about!

Peace on Facebook

Have you liked our sites on Facebook? You will see plenty of pictures, read inspiring quotes, and simply connect with the community of Peace. We have four sites on Facebook: Heart of Peace, PeaceYmin, Kids of Peace, and Peace Lutheran Preschool. Join us on our social media sites!

Faithfull Wednesday Planning

We had a great initial meeting on July 1! We invite you to join our team to plan for our Wednesday night classes and activities for this upcoming academic year. We will meet in the music room on July 28 at 6:30 pm.

Youth Activities

  • Our middle and high school youth usually meet in the Music Room at 10 AM for Sunday school. Due to camp and mission trips, our next meetings are July 20 & 27. Be sure to join us!
  • We’ll meet July 9 & 23 here at the church to play games, hang out, eat snacks, and talk about where God is in the midst of our culture. Contact Kevin with questions.


Worship Times

5:30 pm

8:30 am

10:00 am

Online Giving

Online Giving - learn more

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