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Palm Sunday 4/13 8:30 & 10 am

Maundy Thursday 4/17 12 noon & 7 pm

Good Friday 4/18 12 noon & 7 pm

Holy Saturday 4/19 5:30 pm

Easter Sunday 4/20 7, 8:30 & 10 am

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Lent is often understood to be a time of sacrifice as we contemplate the sacrifice of Christ at the cross. Certainly our focus at Lent is upon Jesus' journey to Jerusalem and the judgment of the cross. It is a season for us to acknowledge our rebellion against God that results in destruction and death. Yet the word Lent is an old one that means, 'Spring.' Lent is a season for growth. The age old tradition of giving up something for Lent was not intended to mimic Christ's sacrifice, but to let go of things that keep us from grasping a hold of God's grace.

The emphasis on certain disciplines such as prayer, worship, service, and fasting were not intended for self-mortification, but to create a space in which we might live bigger than we have before. These are the seeds of a Kingdom-centered life.

Faith-Full Wednesdays PDF Print E-mail

On April 23 we begin our final 4-week quarter of the year. Simple Supper starts at 5:15 pm, followed by classes for children and adults. Choirs, confirmation, and youth group meet on Wednesday evenings as well. Here are our adult class offerings April 23-May 14:

Luke/Acts – Dan Weichart and Nanette Christofferson will bring this year-long study to a conclusion.

Daniel by Beth Moore – Carolyn Cohen will facilitate the conclusion of this video series.

Animate–Faith – Pastor Al will facilitate this video series of compelling religious perspectives. If you enjoyed the Nooma series, you’ll like this too!