Midweek Lenten Services PDF Print E-mail

During Lent we make some changes in our Faith-Full Wednesday night activities. We continue to offer a time for fellowship around a meal at 5 pm, followed by an opportunity for worship rather than adult classes. Other activities, such as our children’s, youth, and music ministries continue much the same. During worship at 6 pm, instead of Pastor Al, we’ll have several people from our church family sharing their encounters with the living God who enters into our passion. Our Lenten worship will incorporate elements of the Taize’ movement; the music invites participants into a place of reflection and reverence for God as we gather around the central image of the cross. Come and join us during this spring time in the church, February 25 through March 25.

Origins of Lent PDF Print E-mail

After two years of training, those seeking baptism were to go through a 40-day wilderness experience of their own. This was a time for prayer, fasting, giving of alms, and repentance. As we enter into the season of Lent you will note some subtle and not so subtle changes in our worship. We hope you will see these as an attempt to capture the spirit of Lent.