About Peace

Peace is a congregation of the Grand Canyon Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Our Staff

Rev. Ryan Hersch



Ryan Gunderson

director of music ministries


Macon Ratliff

director of family ministries/preschool director


Lindsay Thomas

youth ministry coordinator


Kathye Hamm

children's ministry coordinator


Deborah Martin

office manager


Randy Vossler

property manager


Matt McNutt

A/V coordinator

Our Council

front (left to right): Georgia Hudak, LouAnn Scott, Debra Carter, Janet Swarstad, Cheryl Rawlings

back: Julie Skrzypek, John Schoop, Barb Truckenbrod, Brittany Anderson, Peter Atkins, Pastor Ryan

Not pictured (yet!): Doug Lehman


Our 2023 officers are Janet Swarstad (president), LouAnn Scott (vice president), Peter Atkins (treasurer), and Brittany Anderson (secretary). 

Council meets on the Tuesday after the second Sunday at 7:00 PM.

We are on the journey of discipleship together with Jesus:

worship that leads to 

formation that leads to

fellowship that leads to 

the fun of servanthood 

in the church, through the church, and in the world.

As we journey with Jesus, we are learning to live together by five biblical guiding principles:

from "Reclaiming the 'L' Word," by Kelly Fryer