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President's Corner-October

Is Summer Really Over?




October 2020


It’s hard to believe September is almost over and fall has begun.  Though the weather is only a few degrees cooler than it was a few weeks ago, summer really is over.  At least that’s what the calendar says.  And normally fall is the time for new changes and new beginnings . . . new school year, new routines, new sports teams, new colors on some trees, and more.  I love the words of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 where we are reminded of the changes in the seasons of life.  Though not always easy, we have to be prepared to adapt to all sorts of changes.


And that includes the changes we’ve faced during this Covid-19 pandemic.  Staying home more has become the new normal.  Finding different ways to connect with friends and family has become a challenge.  And of course there’s those masks..  Almost second nature now, like it or not. 


And here at church, we’ll soon see another big change as we return to in-person worship services in October.  The plan is to have one service each week-end at 10:00 on Sundays.  As you’ve already heard from Pastor Al, certain instructions and plans are being put in place to ensure safety for everyone.  Reservations, temp checks, masks, social distancing, hand washing, individual communion kits, even distancing of our cars in the parking lot.  When you’re ready . . . and ONLY when you’re ready . . . please follow the guidelines and come back to real church.  If you don’t yet feel comfortable with it, that’s fine.  You can still be part of worship via Facebook and YouTube.  Change can be good.  God tells us it’s part of life.  And He also tells us He’ll help get us through changes of all kinds.


Here are just a few things your Church Council has been talking about.  We last met on Sept. 15th.


  • Finances are “okay”, but as you are able, your continued support is needed.
  • Confirmation classes will begin in October.  Watch for more on that in weeks to come.
  • Preschool had 39 kiddos enrolled at last count.  So far, no signs of health issues at all!
  • In the Continuing Resolutions of Peace, thirteen Ministry Teams are defined and named as part of our ministry.  Many of those teams have become inactive for various reasons.  Council will be taking a closer look at these teams, and in the months ahead will make efforts to rejuvenate those that are deemed viable, and will make proposals for letting go of others.  We’ll keep you posted.
  • Our Facilities Manager, Randy Vossler, is back at work following a heart attack and surgery.  He’s doing well, thanks to God’s healing hand.
  • The Pastoral Transition Team keeps moving forward.  By now you have received the first survey from them, and a second one goes out soon.  Please, please take a few minutes to respond.  There’s a lot that goes into defining our congregation so that a suitable pastor to replace Pastor Al can be found.  Your help is important in defining our church.
  • Our staff continues to work hard at doing ministry in new ways.  They are certainly to be commended for their creativity and diligence in the face of Covid.  If you agree, drop them an email or a note through regular mail and let them know they are appreciated.


Finally, a favorite phrase of mine is “Let Your Faith be Greater than Your Fear.”  As we move forward with changes at Peace that carry a certain amount of risk, let our approach be one of confidence and faith.  And with God’s help we can overcome our fears.


Blessing to all.  May you be healthy and happy.

Kathy Neary, Council President

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